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charitySTRONG’s mission is to assist charitable organizations in achieving the highest standards of board leadership, governance and oversight. We do this by providing nonprofit board training and educational resources and through an online recruitment program that helps organizations seeking new board members find talented board candidates from outside their networks. We are working with public charities in New York State.

charitySTRONG was one result of the work of the Leadership Committee for Nonprofit Revitalization, commissioned in 2011 by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. This group was tasked with identifying ways to strengthen governance and create efficiencies in the nonprofit sector. Recognizing that strong board leadership is fundamental to the well being of charitable organizations, the Committee recommended the creation of new programming dedicated to improving board of director recruitment and training throughout the state.

Board service enables individuals to give back to their communities, develop leadership skills and expand their networks. Nonprofit organizations benefit from diverse and engaged boards of directors who understand and fulfill board roles and responsibilities.

Ultimately, we believe that better boards of directors will result in higher functioning organizations that can better fulfill their missions.

charitySTRONG offers two distinctive online programs. Access to both is available free of charge. 


onBOARD is a recruitment and matching service to connect New York State nonprofits, seeking to fill board vacancies, with board of directors candidates. Using an online database, onBOARD offers a searchable “job board” for candidates and organizations.

Directors U

Directors U includes excellent, topical resources for current and prospective nonprofit board of directors members and chief executives, developed by charitySTRONG and other nonprofit experts. Accessible through Directors U, our signature online course, Good Practices for Good Boards, provides essential information on nonprofit board service in New York State. Good Practices is required for all candidates seeking placements, and all organizations registering with charitySTRONG are asked to have their boards of directors complete the course within one year.

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